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Wednesday, August 18

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Fast Track to Repair

We are all aware of the significant opportunity that exists in repairing wireless devices. But, it sounds daunting, something that only highly trained and skilled technicians can do after years of training. What exactly is involved, and how difficult is it to learn to repair these high tech gadgets?

Come to our 3-Hour Fast Track to Repair Workshop. It is hosted by a master technician from Injured Gadgets who will provide hands on training, walking you through a live demonstration of repairing on some of the most common issues affecting millions of phones. You will have the opportunity to find out how to disassemble and assemble phones to repair LCD Screens, batteries, front cameras, and other components on the most popular devices. Find out how you can capitalize on this remarkable opportunity.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fast Track to Social Media Marketing

Learn how to reach millions online by maximizing your social media presence, and get the tools the pros are using to increase their reach and generate revenue. This session is packed with the latest industry insights, simple to use internet marketing strategies, and smart-targeted audience engagement methods that allow you to stand out in the crowd.

Workshop topics include: 2020-2021 Best Marketing Tools & Trends / Viral Marketing Hacks / Maximizing Your Online Reach / How to Turn Likes into Real Revenue & More. Guests will also receive a Social Media Marketing Workbook & Personal Strategy Guide for use after the event!

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