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Company information:

Mind Commerce provides business information, market and technology insights for and about the global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Coverage areas include communications, applications, content, and commerce. Premium B2B service customers include global ICT companies, enterprise, government, and NGOs.

We believe that valuable research facilitates good decision making. We focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis that enables our clients to make informed decisions. Our clients save money, make optimal investments, and identify key trends and focus areas.

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Product information:

Mind Commerce provides syndicated (off-the-shelf) and customized research. Research and business insights include the following topic areas: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Broadband Wireless, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, Prepaid Wireless, Robotics, and more.

Prepaid Wireless in the USA: Market Outlook and Forecast 2020 - 2025

Our latest prepaid research evaluates the prepaid wireless market in the United States including major provider analysis and service assessment, technologies involved in prepaid service delivery, and assessment of the future of prepaid communications, content, and commerce. The report also provides forecasts for 2020 through 2025.

The report also analyzes major MVNO companies and offerings. The report also provides a view into the future of prepaid wireless and market forecasts through 2023 including subscribers and Revenue by Voice vs. Data vs. VAS and by Connectivity Type. This research also provides critical information necessary to negotiate with MNOs for MVNO operations as well as SLA management.

Contact information:

Mind Commerce
Dawn Stokes
1700 7th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
PH: 206-395-9205