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Company information:

Simapay is the number one H2O Wireless Master Agent in the nation and a Worldwide Cellphone Distributor. Our customer obsession is our guide. We have a customer-centric culture. We aim to inspire our dealers for growth and long-term market sustainability. We understand all Wireless needs. Therefore, our dealers can find what they are looking for in a one-stop-shop.

Product information:

Simapay is a Master Distributor of the following brands: Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Xiaomi, and H2O Branded Phones.

Here at Simapay, we back up all of our products as well as your buying experience. We have more than 200 phone models in stock. We offer you free shipping, quality handsets, lower prices, quick delivery, and great warranty.

We also have field representatives answering all inquiries!

Contact information:

1153 N. Patt St.
Anaheim, CA 92801
PH: 844-746-2729